Happiness. The enigmatic state of mind that gives us joy, wellbeing and the energy to flourish.

As a positive force, happiness is incredibly potent. It is why happy people are successful people. And why companies that possess a culture of wellbeing perform better.
As a statistician and trained therapist, it’s always been my mission to improve people’s experience of life.

Companies employ accountants to do their books, tech wizards to look after their IT, yet happiness is the ultimate People KPI. It predicts if teams, organisations – even nations – are building a better future. And, importantly, it engages leaders and employees in recording and nurturing the collective state of mind of the organisation.

The Science of Happiness.

How do you develop an environment that allows your business to unleash its full potential and make you and your people, scientifically speaking, happy?

With 25 years of research dedicated to uncovering the science of happiness, I created the Happiness KPI™ – a unique and highly-effective productivity tool that measures, analyses, tracks and cultivates workplace wellbeing.

Why? Because, with wellbeing recognised as a key driver to business success, the happier your people become, the more pleasing your business results.

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How Happy Are YOU at Work?
Take my FridayOne.com Happiness at Work test today and receive your confidential report.

My team and I created the Friday Pulse platform in happier times, with a vision to measure and improve employee experience. As a weekly people check-up tool, we ask employees how they feel at work. In this fast-moving world this has never been more vital.

By tracking positive and negative emotions, and collect ongoing feedback, Friday Pulse provides real-time insights into how individuals and teams are faring, as we continue to face a new reality.

To support the business community, we are offering companies (50 – 1,000 employees) free access for 6 weeks.

For further details, please contact George Hargreaves, Head of Relationships, george@fridaypulse.com.

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Nic Marks has an idea worth spreading—that promoting sustainable happiness and well-being should be the aim of nations and people alike.
We were very happy at TED to give him a platform to share his worldview which he did with eloquence, passion and charm.

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A love of numbers led me to become an applied statistician to measure quality of life. I studied therapy and it helped me contextualize the data. But I’m not interested in talking to people in a way that academics approve. By using numbers I can share a language that helps everyone talk about happiness.

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