When we feel supported, we cope better with change.

Right now, mental health matters as much as physical health. The science of wellbeing can help individuals, teams and organizations get through this difficult time.
As a statistician and a trained therapist it’s always been my mission to improve people’s experience of life.

The best antidote to fear and anxiety is positivity. Not the unrealistic positivity that comes from being overly optimistic. But the practical positivity that we experience when we work together to overcome our challenges.

The science of wellbeing.

Lockdown means staying at home and working from home. But if we, as individuals, teams and organizations, are going to bounce back, then our relationships and how we feel are more critical than ever.

Resilience is the ability to adapt, to recover from setbacks. Leaders need to think about how to maintain and protect employees’ wellbeing, team morale and their organization’s culture.

Insights from the science of wellbeing, happiness and positive emotions can help us get through this together.

Some of my findings can be viewed in the introduction below (recorded in happier times). Alternatively, I would be delighted to share my research with your communities.

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During this current pandemic,
we’re offering teams and companies free access to Friday Pulse for 6 weeks.

My team and I created the Friday Pulse platform in happier times, with a vision to measure and improve employee experience.

As a weekly people check up tool, we ask employees how they feel at work. In this fast-moving world this has never been more vital.

By tracking positive and negative emotions, and collect ongoing feedback, Friday Pulse provides real-time insights into how individuals and teams are faring, as we all face a new reality.

To support the business community, we are offering companies (50 – 1,000 employees) free access for 6 weeks.

For further details, please contact George Hargreaves, Head of Relationships, [email protected].

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Nic Marks has an idea worth spreading—that promoting sustainable happiness and well-being should be the aim of nations and people alike.
We were very happy at TED to give him a platform to share his worldview which he did with eloquence, passion and charm.

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A love of numbers led me to become an applied statistician to measure quality of life. I studied therapy and it helped me contextualize the data. But I’m not interested in talking to people in a way that academics approve. By using numbers I can share a language that helps everyone talk about happiness.

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