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We are facing the biggest health, social and economic crisis ever known, and my research can help individuals, teams and organizations not only survive but also to recover.

The science of wellbeing can help people, companies and countries
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Explore how to stay sane at home

Social distancing and self-isolation are impacting everyone. My Five Ways to Wellbeing framework is designed to help individuals to improve their mental health. These positive daily actions can help people cope during challenging times.

Ideal for: individual wellbeing podcasts & webinars

Preserve company morale

Bussiness around the gobe

Team morale is at risk with the drastic changes to how we work. With three decades of stats, from working with global organizations measuring & improving employee experience, uncover how companies can protect their culture.

Ideal for: employee experience webinars and broadcast

Learn how nations protect wellbeing

While nations are in lockdown to save people’s lives, we must not forget the impact on mental health.
Discover insights from 25 years of working in public policy and learn what we need to do next.

Ideal for: agenda setting media opportunities

Audience perspective

Widespread recognition of the importance of measuring well-being is in no small measure a tribute to the work of Nic Marks.
His ability to communicate in a clear and lively way has helped raise the debate from a technical discussion between academics to grabbing the attention of a wide audience across the world.

Jil Matheson
The National Statistician
UK Statistics Authority

© Oli Scarff / Getty Images Europe

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Audience perspective

The most charismatic speaker on the subject­—even hard-to-please audiences, consisting of high level policy makers and experts were [and are] absolutely impressed by the insight of his speeches.
[Nic's latest] talk created the most follow-up questions and conversations.

Robert Manchin
Chairman and managing director
Gallup Europe, Brussels

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Drop me a line if you are interested in exploring the science of wellbeing. You can follow me on LinkedIn for previous podcast, webinar and article contributions.

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